Key-Value Store

As of April 2017, coreBOS has a generic, system-wide, Key-Value store available to all developers.

coreBOS Settings permits any module or extension to easily save values persistently in the database without the need to create their own tables.

The typical scenario is where the new module or extension requires saving some small configuration settings or an install license key. Since there was no way of saving this information without your own table the database tends to fill up with small tables that just hold a few values.

Now, with coreBOS Settings, these values can be saved and retrieved from one generic table.

The coreBOS Settings object is called coreBOS_Settings and contains 4 static methods to manipulate the values:


Will retrieve a value by the name of the key if it exists or the given default value if the key does not exist.

This method implements an internal cache.


Saves the given Key-Value overwriting any existing value for that key.


Prefix your keys with some unique identifier in order to not enter in conflict with some other existing key.


Eliminates the Key-Value from the store.


Checks if a value exists for the given key. Will return true if the key is found and false if not.


  • You can use the coreBOS_Settings object from anywhere in the application

  • Values are limited to 64K characters (text field)

  • Values are always strings

  • You can see some examples of usage in the coreBOS Test Project


Admin Manual
Developer Manual