The CRM allows you to enter an unlimited number of vendors that provide goods or services to your company or to your customers. Such vendors are stored separately and not part of the contacts or accounts lists.

To enter a new vendor click the plus icon at the Inventory > Vendors menu. A new window as shown in the figure will open.


You may add the following basic information:


Name Description
Vendor You should use the vendors corporate name for any name entry.
Phone You may enter the phone number of your vendor.
Email You may enter the e-mail address of your vendor contact.
Website You may enter the vendors website.
GL Account This entry refers to a General Ledger Account. Each vendor in your General Ledger usually has a number for a reference.
Category You may enter a category if required.

After clicking the More Information tab, you may complete the vendor information by adding the mailing address and a description.



You CRM system administrator may customize the vendor master data sheet.


Click Save to transfer your vendor information to the CRM. You may view, browse and search your entire vendor list at the Inventory > Vendors menu.

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