Data Corruption Error


This error shows up when the import has been interrupted for various reasons like crashed in between or canceled by a user etc. This error indicates that the import table still has records to be imported into the system, but all the information related to the import (like mapping, default values, merge criteria) are all lost. So these records can not be imported and the user needs to clear this data before starting any other import.

Import Locked Error


This error indicates that the Import on the module that the user is trying to import has been locked by another user's import. The details of the module, user and the time at which the Import has been locked, are exposed in the error message itself.

Import Interrupted Error


When a non-admin user triggers an import, and the admin user tries to import to the same module, at the same time, the admin user will not get Import locked error. Instead, the admin user will be able to see the current status of the Import triggered by the non-admin user and will also be able to cancel the import. In this case, when a non-admin user is in the middle of the import and the admin user cancels the import, the error message above is shown to the non-admin user.

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