Nowadays companies are successfully moving from product-centric solutions to customer-centric ones, gain valuable insights into customer requirements across the entire organization and various touchpoints, giving them an edge over their competitors. The customer-centric companies manifest:

  1. interaction with customers at generating intelligence for better identification of their needs;

  2. customer involvement in decision making;

  3. An automatic supply chain is able to face customer customization.

Today's, CRM vendors are focused on producing business process-based solutions with the ability to be flexible to integrate the system and operation of the company with the main goal to be customer-oriented. To be customer-centricity oriented, companies should implement a CRM solution as a single platform making possible 360-degree insights to sales, marketing, and customer service and by automating and optimizing business processes.

Customer centricity can be realized through an integrated architecture that combines CRM, BPM, and data management disciplines, resulting in a seamless and optimized customer management process. The following pages are described the GDPR EVO Management System, a single customer-centric platform that combines CRM and automation of production processes that uses Gendoc as a document generation tool and a CRM as an operational back-office system.


Table of contents:

Admin Manual
Developer Manual