coreBOS was born as a continuation of the famous and powerful vtiger CRM 5.x.

This project is not a fork of vtiger CRM, at least not in the enemy or bad sense, if it was a fork it would be in the Github, friendly mode.

coreBOS doesn’t have a bad relation with the vtiger company nor with the community, it plans to keep investing time in vtiger CRM 6 and future releases, although it will probably be less than what it has been done for the 5.x branch.

The coreBOS project is created mainly because:

  • of the belief that the 5.x branch could be taken much further,

  • a very big user base exists for 5 and these users don't care if 6 is easier to program in, they want to be productive and get their problems solved,

  • a lot of developers time has been invested and a lot of very good extensions created,

  • we don't want to invest all the necessary time to learn a new application,

  • VT6 is immature, it is a new application

  • ...

  • simply because we can, that is the beauty of open source.

 As an evolution of SugarCRM and vtigerCRM, it comes from the world of CRM but has evolved into the model of ERP to consider issues that fall outside the world of CRM, such as billing, collection management, supplier management, financial management, data analysis, reporting, and Big data.

 coreBOS is backed by a small but consistent community and patronized by TSolucio who not only bases its business on this software but gives it the power and stability to move into the future with confidence.

 The primary intention is to give support to the big user and developer base for 5.x and take that branch where it was destined to go.

 What is the difference between coreBOS CRM and Vtiger 6.x?

 The vtiger CRM 5.4 project bifurcated into two branches, namely:

  • coreBOS which is the natural evolution of vtiger 5.4, following on the basis of existing and tested code. The name has changed for copyright issues but really it is version 6 of Vtiger CRM.

  • Vtiger 6.x: a focused solution to a proprietary SaaS and On-Demand which provides an open-source version that is different from the commercial version.

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