Who is coreBOS for?

  1. Service companies of any size that wants to computerize their business: where services are the main product to be sold.

  2. Companies wishing to professionally manage their sales department: calendar, tracking, sales funnel, sales targets.

  3. Companies that want to manage their sales service (tickets, job reports, incidences, projects)

  4. Companies who want or need to automate processes to achieve cost reduction.

  5. Companies who want to start using Online marketing and automate it: capturing leads through their website, autoresponders, automated management of publications, sending a series of training and education material for raising potential opportunities, lead management.

  6. Companies that want to unify all their information in a single system and eliminate the spread of information they currently have

  7. Entrepreneurs who want to get more visibility for their business by dashboards, reporting, Business Intelligence, Big Data, reports and graphic display of data.

How much does coreBOS cost?

 coreBOS is a free OpenSource product that we use in our clients' facilities. The same way you can get it. There are paid services for those companies that need advanced services or need help.

Can I integrate coreBOS with other programs or systems?

 Of course, one of the core strengths of coreBOS is your REST system of integration and communication with other systems. This REST interface allows us to make coreBOS "talk and listen" to other systems quickly, powerful and very safe.

Is coreBOS safe?

coreBOS runs on the PHP language and Apache technology that incorporates all current security know-how. The well-installed, configured coreBOS system, with the appropriate passwords and updates to correct holes that can be detected; they will allow us to achieve a sufficient and reasonable degree of security. This combined with an adequate backup policy, gives us the peace of mind we need.

We also recommend using a hosting service specially configured for applications of this type and monitored by experts in servers and computer security.

Does coreBOS work in Cloud?

Yes, coreBOS is a cloud solution. It is built to work in the cloud: access from anywhere at any time of the day.

Can I modify coreBOS?

With total freedom. It's free.

So is coreBOS more than a CRM?

Yes, in summary, we have the following functionalities:


CRM Contact management
Commercial tracking
Historical events
Agenda and Calendar Synchronization with Google Calendar
Sale objectives
Customer Geolocation
Segmentation lists
ERP Resource management
Project management
Inventory management
Business Rules (workflows)
Online Marketing Automation Capturing Leads
Classification of Leads
Automatic mail sequence
Mass emails
Campaign management
Programming emails
Cross sales
BIG DATA (beta) Capture internal and external events
Data processing
Pattern detection
Graphical data visualization
AI (artificial intelligence)
BPM (Business Process Management) Process automation
OK Rules System
Exception and event management
Definition of business rules
Alarm Definition
Powerful workflow system
Online payment processor Automatic online customer payment
Credit cards
Offline system with collection server
Collection and financial management Billing
Customer payment history
Collections pending and made
Supplier Management
Automatic payment methods
Bank Remittance Generation
Business Management /Support system for making decisions Historical data analysis
Data display
Reporting System
Third-party data capture (Rest)
360º vision
Business operating system Large capacity database
REST interface interconnection with fast and powerful third-party systems
Expandable system via modules and REST
Powerful data and process layer Based on business standards


There are many modules and extensions available for free in the project Github.

Here are some other interesting links you can have a look at:


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