The CRM supports you in purchasing goods or services. That might be helpful if you have to order something to fulfill a customer sales order or to maintain your company operation.


Before you can enter any purchase orders, you must have the vendor in the vendors list. You must also have the products or services to be purchased in your product catalogue as well in a price book.


Name Description
Subject: You have to give this sales order a name. It is advised to make it unique and to include the account name.
Vendor Name:   You have to select a vendor name already stored in your CRM system. This will automatically fill in the address information entry fields<
Requisition No: You may use requisition numbers in your organisation. You may enter such number here.
Tracking Number: You may enter your internal or your vendors tracking number here.
Contact Name: You may select a contact related to this order. This may be related to your vendor or to a person who works with you on this purchase order.
Due Date: You may enter a due date for this purchase order
Carrier: You may enter a sales commission that is included in your purchase order. This entry has a numeric value.
Excise Duty: You may enter tax information if applicable. Note that this has a numeric value.
Status: If more than one person works with this order, you may use the status field to distinguish certain levels of completion.
Account Name: You must select the account that is related to this sales order.
Sales Commission: You may enter a sales commission here.
Assigned to: Select the CRM user who is responsible for this Sales Order. You can select only individual users, no groups.



Your system administrator may customize the entry fields.


The meaning and the function of the other purchase order entry fields are identical to the fields in quotes as described in the section: Quotes.


If you want to have a PDF copy of your order, you must set your company information in advance.The PDF can be created or sent by mail using the action links in the detail view.
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