The CRM allows you to work with an unlimited number of different price lists, called price books. This is very helpful, for instance, if your company has different customer types that require different pricing. You may use special retail, distribution, end customer price lists or others.

Create Price Books

To create a new price book, click the plus icon at the Inventory > PriceBooks menu. A new window will open as shown in the figure.


You have to give this Price Book a unique name. You may add a description for future reference. Mark the checkbox Active if you want to have this price book available for quotes, orders, and invoices.

Click Save to create this new Price Book at your CRM system. The detail view of this new price book opens as displayed in the figure.


Edit Price books

To add a product to your price-book, click the More Information tab. You may add a product or service to your price book by clicking the Select Product button.

The new window which opens as shown in the figure lists all the products stored in the CRM. You may pick the products you want to add to this price book by selecting the corresponding checkbox. You should also set a list price for the product. The entered list price is only valid for this price book. The unit price as set in the product catalog is shown as a reference. Click Add To Pricebook to save your selections.


Only activated products are available for selection. If you do not see a product in the selection list, you may check the product status by opening the detail view of this product.


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