The context has an important impact on the identification of resources. Unlike the typical outsourcing and to a greater extent the so-called crowd-sourcing, through the team that we are going to build with the customer it is made possible to work on the small differences that create a quality solution for individual projects.

Starting from the recruiting process, all resources are made to grow for the success of the project and the supply of quality services.

Building relationships destined to grow.


We created a different working environment compared to traditional Call Centers or outsourcing companies. The drivers of this diversity lie in sustainable volumes, continuous training, the creation of a multidisciplinary approach and the possibility of growth in the job role.

Routing / HUB Organization

We intend to use a Network-judgment working method: in order to guarantee a qualitative service, back-office operators cannot be isolated in solving problems, on the contrary they must be able to collaborate with each other and with interlocutors of different areas through the network-judgment, in order to take advantage of the company's expertise. The organization is not vertical or absolutely flat, but we foresee the creation of a HUB that distributes "final" requests. These will sit at a table with experts from the various areas of Customer Care and Reverse Logistics.

Multi-purpose teams

If the technology hub distributes the requests, they will arrive at shared tables.

It has been shown that the best solution to problems comes from sharing experiences, so we intend to seat all the customer-related skills at the same table. We will therefore have vertical tables that will include:

  • A process expert
  • An expert data analysis / developer
  • A digital media expert
  • A catalog / infoproduct expert

Data entry operators will become junior of these figures and in the meantime will respond to job requests. A central core of Operators / Sales Reps will be present to take the first level of customer requests. The creation of FAQs / Use cases / tutorials will be carried out by the same in order to create a shared environment.

Bring the experts to the talk

We believe in the integration of Backoffice, Data Analysis and software development. A positive relationship with the customer allows to gather experiences in the field, as the scenarios change. In addition, physically, the data science team will be "embedded" within the back-office premises.

Turning gate keepers into idea binders

Interaction with customers is often a harbinger of new ideas, we must give operators the freedom to collect innovative ideas, creating a culture to do so, even by providing small prizes. Or we could use agents to interview suppliers through market surveys, in order to train them to find these ideas.

Training and gamification for agents

The same engagement platform designed for the end users of the service could be used by the operators making sure that they help the end customers. With this we could improve skills and together educate to continuous contact with the customer. Gamification would also bring small rewards to the employee himself.