The Payment module of coreBOS includes a payment gateway that we can configure to use any of the online payment services supported. Once configured, we just have to include the necessary HTML code to send the user to the gateway and the rest of the process is automatic.


Before being able to use it, it is necessary to configure the payment gateway. Access the integrations page:


The configuration contains a block with the key corebos to configure the access to coreBOS and a key omnipay to configure access to the gateway by Omnipay. The following is an example to use Redsys, other gateways will use different parameters.


The cases of contemplated use are the following:

  1. Pending Payment The client is required to pay an outstanding debt.

  2. Order registration + Payment We register an order from the customer and then we ask for payment.

In both of these cases, the payment is made in a web browser.

Pending Payment

The client has already registered a debt in the Payment module of coreBOS, we may have done it manually or by other means such as workflows or web services. As the client does not have access to coreBOS we can send him an email detailing the pending payment and access to the gateway to make this payment or if we have a web for clients (customer portal), we can do it there on their pending payments page.


We will include the following form in the mail or web page that should redirect to our gateway.

<form action="https://url/notificationdriver.php?type=Pay" method="POST">
  <input type="hidden" name="cpid" value="...">
  <input type="submit" value="Pay">


Optionally we can include these variables in the form to have greater control of the transaction:

Return Pages
notify_url URL to notify about the payment result
return_url URL of the page to which the user will return if the payment is correct
cancel_url URL of the page to which the user will return if the payment is incorrect


The notification is sent as a POST request to the URL that we indicate in notify_url.

Order registration + Payment

If the customer registers his own purchase, for example in an online store, we can register the purchase data from there in coreBOS at the same time it is confirmed and then direct the customer to the payment gateway.

The data that this operation needs is:

Client Data
nif NIF
firstname first name
lastname last name
mobile cell phone
email email


Sales Data
subject Reference
moreinfo Description
fecha Date
pdoid Product ID


Return Pages
notifyUrl URL to notify about the payment result
returnUrl URL of the page to which the user will return if the payment is correct
cancelUrl URL of the page to which the user will return if the payment is incorrect


We will include this information in a form like this:

<form action="https://url/notificationdriver.php?type=Pay" method="POST">
  <input type="hidden" name="..." value="...">
  <input type="submit" value="Pay">


When you send the form, the Payment will be created and the payment process will start in the configured gateway.

Payment gateway in the Client Portal coreBOSCP

The payment gateway of coreBOS is directly integrated into the customer portal. The payment records associated with each contact can be seen in the portal and appear with some buttons to make the payment as you can see in the following two images:

When clicking on the icon, we will access directly to the defined payment gateway and upon completion of the payment, we will return to the client's portal, either to the page index.php#site/ThankYouForPayment if the payment has been made correctly or to index.php#site/ErrorInPayment if there has been any error.

The correct and erroneous payment pages in the portal can be easily customized by editing the files:




Admin Manual
Developer Manual