The Quick-Menu

The Quick-Menu at Home allows you to jump quickly to an entry page. At the drop-down menu select the new entry you would like to make.Here you can quickly reach data entry pages, however, with limited functionalities.


 Please note!

The Quick-Menu has only limited capabilities for entering data.



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It is basically the typical situation, where you want to select a record from some entity and that record doesn’t exist yet, you have to create it. 

So for example, here are our Sales Orders. We are going to create a new Sale Order.




Let’s scroll to the products, and try to add a product called myproduct




This product doesn’t exist yet, so we have to create it. 

There is one easy way of doing it. We can just flip over to a new tab, go to the Products module, create a new record there with obviously the whole set of fields that you have. Complete the new Product with some generic information.

Now if we come back to the Sale Order screen and refresh it when we look for the quick create a product it appears for us to select it.

This is the recommended way of doing this process if you don’t have the quick create a pop-up feature. The only inconvenience is that you have to do a lot of clicks, moving around from tab to tab. To avoid that kind of a use case  the quick create pop up is added.

You have the plus sign where you can just click on it and it will open up the quick create screen. On this screen, you have fewer fields than the way mentioned above, but you can easily create a new record and automatically have it on the pop up so you can select it immediately. 




That is basically the functionality behind it.

Another thing to mention is that sometimes when you try to create a new record you don’t have the quick-create functionality activated. 

Like in this case if we try to create a new service from the Sales Order module, you can see that there isn’t a plus sign to be able to create the service. That is because there is no normal field of the service activated in quick create. 

So go and log in as an Administrator, go to Settings, Module Manager. Scroll down to find the Service Module. Then go to the Layout Editor. There you can see that it turns out that none of these fields are set up to appear on the quick create. 

If you open up the quick-create menu, create a new service is not there, because there is no field activated.

So let’s activate it by clicking on the right of the field we want to appear, on the writing icon and checking the quick-created box.




Now if we come back to the Sale Orders and open up the service we can find there the quick-create icon.

In this way, you have control over what fields appear on the quick create pop up. You can choose what fields you want to activate into the quick-create pop up. 


By clicking on these icons you get quick access to the calendar, the clock, the calculator and other functions. In addition, you may use the Open Selection Menu icon for quick access to all CRM modules. These icons are available at all CRM menus if appropriate.




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