The smart design of the CRM system will allow you to get the most information quickly. You may navigate within the CRM as you know it from browsing websites.



It is not recommended to use the back and forward buttons of the browser. These buttons can cause problems when browsing through pages with dynamic generated content.


It is recommended to use the icons and links provided by the CRM system. Advanced users may switch to tabbed browsing (offered e.g. by the Firefox Browser or IE7) to speed up the handling process. You may reach each CRM page by a few clicks. All CRM pages are in hierarchical order. You may switch between pages at the same hierarchical level or you may access a page directly. Based on the content of each individual page you may use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Alt + E: Edit

  • Alt + S: Save

  • Alt + Q: Search

  • Alt + C: Empty

  • Alt + G: Select

  • Alt + D: Delete

  • Alt + U: Copy

Admin Manual
Developer Manual