You can configure the CRM navigation area and create an order in the menu that best suits your company's needs. When you open the Menu Editor menu you will see a list of all available and active CRM modules, as can be seen in the following figure.

The design of the menu editor is like this:

  • The panel on the right is an action panel, anything you do there will take effect immediately and reflect on the left panel tree.

  • The tree on the left is so you can see all the elements, even the non-visible ones and order them by drag and drop. Once you have ordered the entries as you need you must click the save button to make those changes permanent.

  • If you want to add an element but not have it seen by anyone until you have it in place, create it with the “visible” property unchecked and then check it when you are finished placing it.

On the right side, we will see a list of the selected modules. 

Attention to order. The first 10 entries will be displayed in the navigation area directly. As of the 11th entry in this list, they will be displayed in the More menu.




You can sort this list by clicking on the blue arrows on the right. You can add and remove menu entries by clicking on the central green dates. The Start and More entries cannot be deleted.

With the help of Menu Editor, you can have the most frequently accessed coreBOS CRM modules on your menu bar. This will ensure easy navigation, and switching between different modules is easy. Also, you can shuffle their positions according to your requirements.

However, the list of all available modules in coreBOS CRM is displayed under All dropdown.

For instance, Sales reps frequently access sales-related modules: Contacts, Leads, Invoices, etc. They can have frequently visited modules on the menu bar to save time.

Follow a few simple steps to configure desired modules on the menu bar:

  1. Click CRM Settings

  2. Click Menu Editor. You can click on pin icon next to it to add a shortcut to your settings home page

  3. All active modules in coreBOS CRM are available for selection. Select desired modules from the list of modules

  4. Change the arrangement of the modules by dragging them among the other modules

  5. Click Save

  6. Refresh your page to see desired items on your menu bar


You can only select up to 7 modules to have on the menu bar.


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