To add your change to this documentation you must create a new wiki page inside the extensions directory with a specific format. Let's see the exact steps and formatting.

1.- Working on the documentation site

Follow the steps indicated on the Github documentation project to clone the wiki and be able to prepare pull requests.

2.- Create a new page for your change

Access the URL:



where “your_change_name” is the name of your module or extension. Click on the “Create Page” link and add any content you want to the page. Usually, this will be a description of the functionality and how to get it working or even how to purchase it.

3.- Add a title to the page.

Something like this:

====== Mass Document Import ======


this value will be used as the name of the change on the search grid.

4.- Add register data.

At the top of your new wiki page you must add this block of information:

---- dataentry ----
name : 
type : [module|extension|enhancement|perspective|patch]
keywords_tags : programming, coding, design, html
version : 
homepage_url : 
release_dt : 
license : 
price: [number]
buyemail_mail: [email]
buyurl_url: [uri]
distribution: [Sale|Free|Subscription|Donationware]
authorname :
authoremail_mail :
authorhomepage_url :
supportemail_mail :
supportissues_url :
supportforum_url :
supportwiki_url :
supportirc :
supportsource_url :
supportdocs_url :

This information will be recorded on the registration page so it can be searched.


If you have created a module or extension following the new perspective install format and it has a composer.json file with the supported fields you can use the coreBOS documentation HelperScript json2data.php to transform the composer.json file directly into the DokuWiki data entry format above.


Additionally, if you have a standard module with the correct structure and files you can use the coreBOS documentation HelperScript module2wiki.php to get a full wiki page with all the information and fields of the module.

5.- Write any additional information.

You can use the rest of the page to write any additional information that may be useful to the person searching for extensions.

6.- Create a Pull Request.

We will review, comment and accept accordingly.


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