You have to apply for this next code change.

diff --git a/include/js/general.js b/include/js/general.js
index d79cc33..c5eae5d 100755
--- a/include/js/general.js
+++ b/include/js/general.js
@@ -4066,6 +4066,7 @@ function submitFormForActionWithConfirmation(formName, action, confirmationMsg)
 function submitFormForAction(formName, action) {
 	var form = document.forms[formName];
 	if (!form) return false;
+	form.target="_blank";
 	form.action.value = action;
 	return true;



You may have to make a similar change in some other parts of the code, I ONLY did a quick test to answer the forum question.


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