The import module set variable $VTIGER_BULK_SAVE_MODE = true, to not load the events to execute workflows. When you need to execute workflows when import records, you can apply the next patch. This patch forces the validation to isBulkSaveMode, with this, the workflows always will be load in any part of code.

After your importation, remember to undo the patch.

diff --git a/data/CRMEntity.php b/data/CRMEntity.php
index 30b7c2e..c737722 100755
--- a/data/CRMEntity.php
+++ b/data/CRMEntity.php
@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ class CRMEntity {
         * to improve performance.
        static function isBulkSaveMode() {
+               return false;
                global $VTIGER_BULK_SAVE_MODE;
                if (isset($VTIGER_BULK_SAVE_MODE) && $VTIGER_BULK_SAVE_MODE) {
                        return true;


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