Welcome to coreBOS!


First, let’s learn how to navigate coreBOS.




Before you can start working with the CRM system you must identify yourself to the CRM system as an authorized user. This will be done by a login procedure that requires a Username and a Password. 

Your CRM system administrator will provide you a URL to be used as the access address to the CRM system at you browser.

Upon starting the CRM software, the Login screen will appear as shown in the figure. The user must type a Username and Password into the available edit fields in order to continue on the program.

After entering the Username and Password, users may press Sign-in Button.



Most browsers are able to store your Username and Password to simplify the usage. However, this may be a security risk if you can not make sure that nobody else has access to your computer. Unauthorized persons may get access to your confidential data. This is especially true if you are using a notebook that can get lost.


This is what you'll see when you start your coreBOS demo or account.




In the next sections, we will get to know the main areas of this desktop interface.

Admin Manual
Developer Manual