Default Organization Field Access function is used to control the visibility of fields in various modules for the entire organization. You can use this function to define your organization-wide field access and to either show or hide a field to the entire organization.

By default, the CRM is configured that all master data provided with the CRM system are shown and can be edited. As an example in the following figure, you can see the default fields for activities. If you want to restrict access to specific fields you can edit and change the settings for each CRM module. 




Default Organization Field Privileges can be defined for the following modules: Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, Activities, Trouble Tickets, FAQ, Price Books, Purchase Order, Invoice, Notes, Emails, Products, Vendors, Quotes, and Sales Orders.


It is not possible to disable the mandatory fields in the modules.
Default Organization field access overrides the profile level field access.


For example, let us assume a profile allows to view the website field in the Leads Module. However, if this field has not been enabled at the organization level field access settings it will not be shown.

coreBOS CRM allows you to determine which fields will be shown for each module. As shown in the above figure after you click on your desired module, in this case, Leads, you then can click on the Edit button to edit the appearance of Fields or not in the Lead Module.

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