Set Coins

In coreBOS CRM we can work with multiple currencies. The fundamental idea is that there is a base currency (Euros) over which the other currencies are referenced according to the value of conversation. The moment we define more than one currency in our system, coreBOS will ask us when we are going to carry out operations on money, with what currencies we are working at that moment.

  • Access to SETTINGS

  • Access to the Currency Configuration section



  • To create a new currency, click on the button NEW CURRENCY



From here, we can select the new desired currency, with your Currency Code, Symbol and we will not have to indicate your Conversion Ratio in relation to the Main Euro currency.

In this way, we create new currencies in the system, as many as we want.

Establish Taxes

In a similar way, we can create taxes according to our regulations and needs, in the system. There are two groups of taxes, which are those of Product & Service Taxes and those of Shipping & Handling Taxes

The form of creation and management is the same in both cases.



  • If we edit the taxes of Products

From here we can change the existing taxes: Type or name, percentage, mark them as Hold and disable it.


If we click on Add Taxes

  • From here we can create a new tax by defining a name in the first box and the value of that tax in percentage in the second box.

  • Save to store the change.



In this way, we can create the necessary taxes for the management of our company.

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