The team dedicated to coreBOS using all the experience gained in the field of ICT consulting and BPM automation has developed a native programming language for the automatic generation of documents, called GenDoc.

The main objective is to help our corporate customers to better align themselves with the new EU regulation of the GDPR. So this system will store data about our corporate customers. From basic information such as their name, headquarters address, website, contact person, etc. All other detailed information related to the different aspects of the activity that each organization develops is organized in other related modules.

The advantage over the excel file or manual maintenance is that all data are recorded only once and thanks to relational modules are organized according to the logic of functionality and type of relationships: one by one, one by many, many by many. So, first, it is not a repeatable process as before or too expensive for the back office team that performs data entry.

Moreover, it is possible that for administrative purposes or to extract conditional information, as all employees of the organization A working in department B responsible for data security, with the reporting tool within the CRM can be generated within one second.

The GDPR Evo management system was born as a business need to improve the operational processes of the existing tools used to perform all the daily tasks and to monitor the performance of all employees. With more and more data scattered across the organization, automation of the management processes has become absolutely necessary, not only to respond positively to the GDPR but also to allow us to take advantage of these data from a business perspective.


Table of contents:

Admin Manual
Developer Manual