Version Release DateHighlights
2.2 - -
2.1 2009.01.07 * Installing Language Pack, Extension module using Module Manager
* ModuleDir was re-organized to be specific to a vtiger version
* Module Manager handles License agreement before installation.
* Basic support added for module upgrades with Module Manager.
* Ability to add custom web links for a module.
* Support added to allow help information for the module fields.
* Added vtiger_imageurl API
2.0 2008-11-26 * API provided to related modules (related list)
* API changes for creating fields, blocks, module
* UI type 10 was added for generic popup field
1.4 2008-09-29 * Exporting and Importing was added to Module Manager
1.3 2008-09-01 * Module Manager was added for Administrators to install andenable/disable the new modules developed using vtlib.
* API to setup Picklist values
1.2 2008-08-29 * Sharing Access API was added
1.1 2008-08-27 * API's to enable and disable tools like Export, Import were added
1.0 2008-08-19 * Basic API was added to created fields, blocks, module


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